Healthy Change Campaign

We are spearheading a new and individualized program at LizFit called the Healthy Change Campaign. And you are invited to get started today!

This is a bridge between setting and achieving health goals and then sustaining them for the ‘long haul.’


1: Offer the highest quality nutritional products and systems from Isagenix that come with guided support to all members which allow for each person to reach and maintain his or her own health and wellness goals.

2: Create an even more amazing community of love and support that provides all members guidance and individualized support while keeping the approach streamlined and simplified for lifelong change.

Tara "TMack" Mack
Healthy Change Campaign Coordinator

I'm so glad you're here.  And, I'm so glad I'm here.  

Before Isagenix, I was not living my ideal life.  I was barely getting by, in fact.  I felt terrible and found myself wondering: "Is this as good as it gets?"  I had eliminated all kinds of foods and was eating clean and I was still not feeling better.  I wasn't getting anywhere.  I was super frustrated and not always a pleasure to be around, especially for my loved ones.  

It's not easy for me to admit all of that, but it's also very important to me that I do.  I know now that I am not alone in those frustrations and feelings. I know that nutrition plays a key role in every aspect of our lives, and Isagenix has the absolute best, scientifically supported products and systems designed to take the guesswork out and put the results in.

I now call myself someone who is "Aging into Awesome" and I love how 'streamlined and simplified' my every day is.  I no longer feel like I am struggling to get by, in fact, I feel alive, for the first time in a very long time.  I feel and look better than I did in college even!

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you in your goals!  I encourage you to send me a message in the "Want more information" section to set up your own personal consultation with me so that I can help guide you to your best success and so that you can also experience what Solutions Isagenix has for you.

Healthy Change Campaign FAQs