Workout of the Day! (WOD) – 4/30/20

30s on the 30th – Personal Best Style!

You can break up the exercises into smaller sets and do them in any order

30 Curtsey Lunges to Side Kick (Both Sides – Alternating or not)
30 Elevated Crunches
30 Squats
30-Second Forearm Plank
30 “Russian” Jumping Jacks
30 Plank – Alternating Shoulder Taps
30 Alternating Front Lunges
30 Wide -arm Push Ups
30 Repeater Knee Drives L & R
30 Elevated Cross Crunch or Bicycles (Both Sides = 1)
30-Second Wall Sit
30 Pike Push Ups
30 Inner Foot Taps
30 Glute Bridge March
30-Second Bear Hover
30 Tricep Dip
30 seconds Fast Feet Shuffle
30 Mason/Russian Twists
30 Squat Jacks
30 Reverse Crunches

Cool down and stretch