Workout of the Day! (WOD) – 3/24/20

Tabata 1:

Soccer Taps (use Folded Towel)
Circle Runs around a Folded Towel – keep hips squared to front of room – alternate directions with each Tabata

Tabata 2:

Staggered Push Ups L
Towel Pass around Back in Superman – Clockwise
Staggered Push Ups R
Towel Pass – Counterclockwise

Tabata 3:

Forearm Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers

Tabata 4:

C-sit Sweepbacks
Alt Jack-knifes

Tabata 5:

1-2-3 with Heisman Crunch
Jumping Jacks

Tabata 6:

In and Out Abs

Tabata 7:

In-in-Out-Out (picture an imaginary box or use tape)
3 direction hops

Tabata 8:

Sumo Squats – with R Heel Lift
3 position lunges (Front – Side – Rear) R Leg
Repeat other side