We did it.

We did it.

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Dear LizFitters,
We are SO excited to share that we just wrapped up our most successful SPINNING GENEROSITY to date!!!!
Our goal this week was to raise $50,000 this week for 7 local charities,
and guess what?? We raised SO. MUCH. MORE.
Because of your participation, amazing generosity, and inspiring teamwork, LizFitters worked together all week long to spin, raise money, and give back to our community with really meaningful financial donations that will positively impact the Seacoast.
Take a peek at the incredible results below…
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who made this week possible.
We truly couldn’t do it without you!!
Team LizFit









Families First


Girls on the Run
End 68 Hours of Hunger
Community TOOLBOX
Womenaid of Greater Portsmouth




Erin Bradt for designing SPINNING GENEROSITY T’s, and all marketing materials!
Kirsten Iafolla, for donating her teaching time and sweat in kicking off SPINNING GENEROSITY on Monday!
Alden Zeff for photographing each ride and creating emails and contribution updates for all 7 days of SPINNING GENEROSITY!
Maggie Sutherland for her creative social media skills and constantly getting the word out on all things LizFit!
Carol Salacain for creating and donating delicious and beautiful cookies for all 7 Charities!
PJ for supporting monetarily for ALL the charities with her amazing fundraising efforts!
Anne Arnold, for writing a fabulous article about SPINNING GENEROSITY!
Brittany Bivona for 7 days of room set up’s AND riding in support of two charities AND donating over 150 massages!
TMack for unwrapping 200 LizFit glasses!
To all instructors, ambassadors and member’s of the LizFit family for supporting this amazing annual event! Couldn’t do this without you!