Workout of the Day! (WOD) – 3/25/20

Stations – Each has 4 moves (50 seconds on:10 seconds off)

Straight through: 24 minutes
30 seconds between sets: 26:30


Bunny Hops Side to Side (Holding onto Chair Base)
Decline Elevators (Up and Down Plank – Feet on Chair)
Mountain Climbers (Holding onto Base of Chair)
Incline Push Ups


Superman with Lat Pull Down
Switchkicks from reverse Table Top
Elevated Cross Crunch (Legs at 90 degrees)
Forearm Plank Hip Dips


Star Jacks
Mummy kicks
Ski Hops


Dead lifts – feet shoulder width apart about 1 ft from wall, lead with chin, flat back – butt should “graze the wall”, Squeeze on your way back up
Wall Push Ups
Wall Sit
Option A: Handstand Prep – stand 1 leg length away from the wall, turn away from the wall and place hands where your feet are, walk your feet up the wall to hip height (Inverted “L””) OR
Option B: From Plank, Come up to Downward Dog and tap back with your hand toward your opposite Ankle/Shin both sides and come back out to plank


Clamshell – Left Side (Keep the heels together and the hips stable. Make sure your heels, hips and shoulders form a straight line. Lift the top leg 3 – 4 inches while maintaining that contact of the ankles and ensuring that the HIPS ARE NOT ROTATING. If your hips rotate or move, try lessening the range of motion.)
Clamshell – Right Side
Glute Bridges (lower to a hover or drop all the way to the floor) (ankles directly under your knees)
Alternating heel taps – head and shoulders ideally lifted and gliding to the side


Side Forearm Plank Hip Dips – Left
Side Forearm Plank Hip Dips – Right
Diamond Sit Ups
Reverse Crunch and Extend

Cool Down / Stretch