Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) With Myzone

Enjoy a different workout each week that trains your heart and your body!  25 minutes of cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on a Spin bike using the revolutionary Myzone technology. Following the cardio-interval workout is a full body workout using a variety of equipment to keep the body and mind stimulated, while achieving incredible toning and strength results.

Each class will be carefully instructed by motivating coaches that strive to bring out your best in each 50 to 55 minute session.

If interested in joining SGT classes,  you will be asked to purchase a Myzone belt ($69) before you begin your first class.  Please e-mail Liz to receive yours at [email protected]

To sign up for the for SGT training, and to find out about available time slots offered, please e-mail Liz at [email protected]



Small  Group Training Fee Structure:

Group of 3pp: $35 for each training session

Group of 4pp: $30 for each training session

Group of 5pp: $28 for each training session

Group of 6pp: $25 for each training session

1 month Reservation:  Group personal training Clients are asked to reserve a month of training at a time.


Cancellation policy without 24 hour notice:  Appointment cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled workout.  If not, then your account will be billed for the session.

Cancellation policy with 24 hour notice:  If appointment has been cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice, client will then be charged a $15 fee.